A premium stone supplier in Australia

Stone selections have always been a pivotal decision for Australian households when creating or updating interior spaces. Lavistone is cognizant of this and was founded to offer various high-quality stone solutions with innovative designs.

Established in 2018, Lavistone possesses a profound understanding of stone aesthetics. Our collections seamlessly integrate with global influences and Australia’s distinct charm.

We take pride as a comprehensive stone supplier in Australia, always keeping pace with design trends while exceeding expectations.


Since our establishment in 2018, Lavistone has expanded to three showrooms and distribution hubs across Australia. We are continually broadening our horizons across Australia and are excited to announce our next location soon, reinforcing our commitment to making premium stone solutions and designs accessible across Oceania.




At Lavistone, we proudly offer an extensive range of premium stone solutions. We ensure your vision for any space is realized with exceptional functionality and aesthetics, guaranteeing the perfect match for your project.

Pioneering a new generation of stone solutions, Gen Surface is an advancement in Australia’s most preferred benchtop material.

Engineered with steadfast commitment to sustainability and benchtop excellence, each slab of Gen Surface is meticulously crafted with masterful precision, transforming recycled materials into the centrepiece of your home. Designed in Australia, Gen Surface is a collection seamlessly integrated with global influences and Australia’s distinct charm.

Explore the Gen Surface collection today.

Inspired by nature, graphic experiments, an interweaving of textures, and sophisticated colours. Crafted from only the finest and most exceptional quality materials, Larona Porcelain is built to be incredibly practical, versatile, and sustainable.

+ Versatile and multi-application
+ Exquisite natural stone looks
+ 100% stain, heat, and scratch resistance
+ Sustainably Made

Our Natural Stone collection is handpicked from esteemed quarries worldwide.From the moment we select the finest materials and blocks to our uncompromising slab production, we uphold a standard of excellence. At the forefront of technological advancement, our slab production achieves unparalleled levels of perfection and innovation.

Experience the beauty of nature with Lavistone, as we bring wonders from all corners of the globe into homes across Australia.


A vision conceptualised at the birth of Lavistone.

Designed for all in every aspect possible; providing stone solutions that complement all interior styles, tones and colours; functional; and accessible.


As your trusted partner in creating stunning, functional, and environmentally conscious spaces, we are committed to delivering unparalleled quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Every year, we surpass new milestones in sustainability, pushing the boundaries of technology to enhance our achievements. Our production processes are meticulously designed with sustainable practices at their core.

Our Larona Porcelain manufacturing processes effectively manage waste gas and wastewater, repurposing all material cut from stone edges to significantly reduce waste and conserve valuable natural resources such as feldspar and kaolin. Gen Surface, made of over 85% recycled materials, reflects our dedication to thoughtful material selection.

Feel good knowing that your Lavistone choice supports innovative practices aimed at preserving our planet for future generations.


LS533 Aoraki Lago

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LS491 Portland

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LS516 Bescato Mavro

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LS505 Bescato Grigio

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3008-M Eternity Gold

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2201-M Milano

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LS235 Marshmallow

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