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Are your products heat resistant?

Yes, Lavistone products are heat resistant and are not affected lower than 100 degrees. However, the stone surface can be damaged by sudden temperature changes. Although our product is heat resistant, do not directly put hot cookware on the surface. We recommend the use of a hot pad when you place hot oven trays, pans and hot pots on the surface.

Where can I purchase Lavistone product?

Lavistone is strictly a wholesaler and we cannot sell directly to the public or provide any quotations. We built a good network with stonemason and kitchen company, so you can purchase our products through your local stonemason or kitchen company. We highly recommend contacting your nearest fabricators to obtain a formal quote.

Does Lavistone providing fabrication and installation for my benchtop?

No, Lavistone as a stone supplier and wholesaler, we do not fabricate or install our products. We can refer you to an experienced stone fabricator if you needed.

What are the applications for your products?

All Lavistone products can be used for kitchen benchtop applications, laundry, bathroom vanities and more.

How do I maintain Lavistone benchtop?

Lavistone engineered stone require a little maintenance every day to keep them fresh like new. Since our products, all are non-porous and stain resistance. We recommend you could gently wipe the surface with water and cloth routinely.

Where can I match the colours to Lavistone?

You can kindly visit our warehouse (your nearest stonemason or kitchen company), you can bring some samples to make accurate colours and pattern matches.

Do you have warranty on your products? And how long?

Lavistone warrants our products to be free of defects for a period of 7 years from the date of manufacture. Your stonemason will be responsible for all fabrication and installation. Chips, cracks or any other impact damage are not covered under Lavistone 7 years Limited Warranty as it occurs due to fabrication or installation, changing house foundations and stand on the benchtop, it does not represent a defect in the Lavistone products. If chips or cracks occur, please refer it to the kitchen company or stonemason who installed your benchtop to further assistance.

Do your products need to be sealed or wax? How often?

No, you do not need to use a sealer or any kind of wax, as our engineered stone is non-porous.

Can your products be used outdoor?

We do not recommend the use of our product outdoor. External applications are not covered by 7 Year Limited Warranty.

Where your products originate from?

Our products that we import from China.

How long does it take to receive stock on a special order? (large quantities)

We have various of choice for you to choose from and replenishment constantly. If you need a large amount of our products, please call us to further assistance. To get stock for a special order may take approximately up to 8 – 10 weeks due to order and transport from oversea.

Can I put it on hold?

Yes, products can be put on hold up to 2 weeks, contact us to inquire about the availability of the product you like.

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